4 Easy Steps to Install Blazeblok

Step 1

Installing your Blazeblok Neck Protect is easy to do.  First, make sure you have what you need.

  1. Your helmet
  2. The Blazeblok Neck Protect
  3. The hook side of velcro that is sticky on one side.

Note that in some instances the supplied velcro is rectangular in size while in our pictures, we depict circular velcro.

All you need to connect Blazeblok to a bicycle helmet

Step 2

Orient your helmet with the back facing you and the top facing down.

Then take your Blazeblok and wrap it around the back of the helmet.  Slide it up and down to visualize where to place the hook velcro.  Leave enough room in the back so you can adjust the helmet’s tightening knob.

Blazeblok being fitted to a helmet

Step 3

Place the hook velcro pieces.  They go on the outside of the cage, aligned in the location identified in Step 2.

Blazeblok velcro connection

Step 4

Wrap your Blazeblok Neck Protect around the helmet and attach to the hook velcro.

The plastic rods that provide rigidity and stability to Blazeblok will conform to the bend required to be in place over time.  However, if you remove Blazeblok from the helmet, over time, the rod will slowly return to a straight position.

If the hook velcro doesn’t want to stay attached to the plastic cage on the helmet, a small drop of super glue will keep it in place.

final step attaching Blazeblok to helmet