Blazeblok Reduces Cancer Risk

  • Skin cancer accounts for more than 50% of all cancers combined.

  • More than one million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year.

  • Skin cancer most frequently develops on a person’s neck.

  • More than 90% of skin cancer is caused by sun exposure.

Blazeblok back view in black
Blazeblok right side view in black
Blazeblok left side view in white
Blazeblok back view in white

Blazeblok Protects Your Skin From Aging

  • UV light can cause irregular skin pigmentation.

  • 80% of UV rays penetrate your skin.

  • Clouds do not protect you from UV rays.

  • 90% of visible aging is due to sun exposure.

  • Age spots are caused by sun exposure.

  • Sun exposure can damage your blood vessels.

Road Cycling

Road cyclist wearing Blazeblok


Commuter cyclist wearing Blazeblok

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike cyclist wearing Blazeblok

Made in Texas USA
Sun protection UPF 50+
patent pending

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